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Happy Labor Day! remember, you work all year for it!

Labor Day marks the end of “hot dog season,” which is a period of time between May and September when Americans consume about 7 billion hot dogs. Source

Labor Day Weekend.

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote #moralmonday pic.twitter.com/hStNWKCgMr

The Obama ladies are GORGEOUS!

The First Family

onelesselle: One for the history books… What an incredible night in our Nation’s Capitol! // July 31, 2014. Washington DC #pwt #potus #flotus #specialolympics #usa
Official: Obama orders a review of programs allowing for state and local enforcement to buy military equipment. 262 notes


White House staff — including members of the Domestic Policy Council, the National Security Council and the Office of Management and Budget — will lead the review in coordination with Congress, according to the official.

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